Kennel Free Overnight Boarding

Overnight Boarding

Bring your dog to K-9 Kingdom’s NEW KENNEL-FREE Overnight Boarding Facility*

Overnight boarding at K-9 Kingdom is like a big slumber party for your dog and their friends. We will pamper and play with your pet so they enjoy their kennel-free boarding experience. At night, they sleep on their own car bed, a cot or wherever they choose, in the company of one of our caring staff all night long.  They will never be in a kennel or left alone in the building. Our boarding is their home away from home while you are away. Sure, your dog misses you when they’re at the kennel, but we make sure they have a great time and we think they miss us and their friends when you come pick them up and take them home.

Fully Staffed 24/hrs 7/days/wk

Make your reservation now!

$40.00/overnight includes doggie daycare
2nd dog $35.00/overnight
All fees are due in advance

*size-appropriate kennels only if necessary

Required Forms

Overnight Check-in Form
(Required for First Visit Only.)

Master Record Forms Packet PDF
(Required to be on file. Includes: Rules & Regulations, Client Record, Dog Record, Dog’s Health Information, and the Policy Agreement)

Golden Age/Illness Forms PDF
Forms are in Acrobat PDF documents

Will my dog like staying overnight? Ask a client…

Penny Saracino’s Overnight Stay

Hi Kelli,

I just wanted to tell you how touched I was when I went to pickup Penny late Tuesday night.

Brittany came to the door with Penny in her arms, and I think my dog could have cared less that I was even there…that in itself is a feat because Penny is a very sensitive dog because of past abuse and to see her that relaxed was very comforting to me…because in the past when I would bring her home she was depressed for several days, here she comes home like nothing different happened to her that day.

Well as I was checking out Brittany said to Penny several times, “Bye I’ll miss you” and as we started to walk out the door, she said wait and gave Penny a kiss on her nose, I got a tear in my eye and knew that she was taken care of very well and like I would have taken care of her. I was always so concerned when I had to board her because she has always come home stressed and one time very ill when she boarded elsewhere, I had no idea they left them overnight all alone and I am so happy I found you and know that she will have someone there overnight with her…she is terrified at night when she is alone.

So I just wanted to Thank You and tell Brittany how touched I was.

See you soon!